Yes our products are a complimentary form of medicine and can be used in combination with antibiotics without causing any harm but instead fasten the healing process as an immune booster.

Using propolis during pregnancy is relatively safe if one is not allergic to hive products.

Lactating/breastfeeding mothers are advised to use propolis in small doses.

We recommend the use of medicinal/Apitherapy honey in small doses. However, if the infant reacts to the product, discontinue use.

The products have no side effects unless one is allergic honey. If allergic to honey, use the products as advised by a physician.

The complete pack is a set of three products including the medicinal/apitherapy honey for cough, just gargle off, and bee propolis tincture or suspension. The three products are indicated for distinct conditions and thus combining the three of them helps manage an array of conditions while still keeping your immunity strong.

Propolis tincture purely contains propolis as the sole component. It is a 95% extract of the bee propolis. Propolis suspension has different formulations. The common ingredients include propolis, honey and vitamin C.

Propolis has several compounds that soften the lining of the alveoli thus opening up the pores for easy breathing. It is therefore good in managing asthmatic conditions and other breathing difficulties including emphysema.

Premium honey is mono-flora meaning it is harvested from dominant vegetation known for its medicinal value while the other is multi-flora meaning it is harvested from wild flowers.

Propolis is a good antidiabetic agent as supported by research. Our bee propolis tincture can be used to manage diabetes by regulating blood sugar and increasing insulin sensitivity.

Propolis is a good anti-inflammatory agent and also good for management of stomach ulcers.

Unlike raw organic honey, the medicinal honey is specially formulated and includes additional ingredients i.e. Vitamin C, propolis and selected medicinal plant extracts making it a perfect expectorant, bronchodilator, and good for soothing dry coughs.

Propolis provides a defense mechanism against fungal, bacterial, and viral infection by either killing or preventing further growth.

Our gargle is extremely safe (natural and organic) and thus swallowing has no effect.

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