Tharaka Honeybee Mission

Tharaka Honeybee Products company aims to be the market leader in commercial beekeeping, specializing in the innovation of natural medicinal applications and apitherapy products. We seek to establish an apitherapy market for the entire range of hive products including beeswax, propolis, bee pollen, bee venom, and royal jelly besides table honey while niching on products that heal, soothe and cleanse customers.

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Tharaka Honey Vision

Improved wellbeing of rural and urban communities in Eastern Africa through beekeeping and consumption of pure nutritious organic honey as made by bees and excelling in innovation of therapeutic apitherapy products.

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Why We Are Your Best Choice

  • Responsible: Exhibiting accountability towards the ecosystem and our stakeholders.
  • Excellence: Committed to being outstanding in apiculture in Africa
  • Service: Offering a helping hand to our stakeholders
  • Integrity: Being honest and having strong moral principles in business.
  • Transparency: Openness to the scrutiny of our actions, processes, and products.
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