The Company is led by Mrs. Miriam Chabaari who is the CEO and Co-founder of Tharaka HoneyBee Products Limited. She has an Honors Degree in Business Management, trained and experienced in Beekeeping and apitherapy. Beekeeping and apitherapy has other several skilled and semiskilled workers composed of young women and men.

Miriam Kanyua Chabaari

Managing Director & CEO

My name is Miriam Kanyua Chabaari. I was born in Tharaka Nithi County in Kenya. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom.) Honors degree from University of South Africa (UNISA) and Advanced Diploma in Business Management by ABE, UK. I have a strong passion in beekeeping and mostly Apitherapy. I’m the founding Managing Director & CEO of Tharaka Honey Bee Products. I founded the business in 2009 out of passion and personal quest to provide innovative certified complementary health solutions. Previously I had suffered chronic upper respiratory infection that was cured after consuming honey mixed with bee propolis. This self-discovery stirred my interest in apitherapy as an effective complementary medicine. I am a smallholder beekeeper, beehive products processor or manufacturer, an innovator and a job creator. In the years ahead, I wish to champion the mainstreaming of apitherapy into the public health system in Kenya and the World Health Organization (WHO).

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