There is an immediate opportunity for organized local and international market for the following certified Kenyan beehive products: honey, beeswax, propolis, pollen, royal jelly and bee venom. Whereas beehive products are many, only honey and beeswax are harvested, processed and sold in our domestic market.
We at Tharaka Honeybee Products are leading to revolutionilise beekeeping in Africa. We are recruiting enthusiastic beekeepers and empowering them with appropriate advanced knowledge, superior beehives and equipment to enable them to harvest all the six (6) beehive products and increase their beehive profits. For example, a kilo of propolis is worth more than three times that of pure honey, yet this is unknown to most beekeepers.
Register with Tharaka Honeybee Products Limited today as a beekeeper, for appropriate beehives, harvesting gear and training.

Services Offered

Hive Setup and Management:

This includes Hive selection, location scouting, and installation, providing guidelines on every step of setting up the beehives. We also help beekeepers with hive inspections, honey harvesting, swarm control, and overall hive health management.

Beekeeping Equipment and Supplies:

Choosing the right beekeeping equipment and supplies is essential for success. We assist beekeepers in selecting the appropriate tools, protective gear, and hive components based on your specific requirements.

Disease and Pest Control

Bee colonies can face various threats, including diseases and pests. Our consultants will educate you on identifying and managing common bee diseases and pests, providing you with effective strategies to safeguard your bees’ health.

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