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Honey is plant nectar that is gathered from the flowers by bees?


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  1. What is Honey?

Honey is plant nectar that is gathered from the flowers by bees?

  1. What is contained in Honey?

Honey is largely fructose instead of sucrose present in sugarcane and sugarbeet. It also contains minute amounts of pollen and propolis.

  1. Why is some honey light and some dark in color?

The color of the Honey depends on the kinds of flowers that the nectar came from. For example nectar from sisal makes a light coloured honey while nectar from coffee makes a dark coloured honey.                             

  1. Why does some honey taste slightly bitter and some very sweet?

The taste and the aroma of honey depends on the kind of flower the nectar came from. For example nectar from sisal makes slightly bitter honey while nectar from acacia makes very sweet honey.

  1. Does the colour or taste of honey affect its nutritional value?

No, it does not.

  1. Why does some honey crystallize?

Any good honey will naturally crystallize. The speed at which honey will crystallize mainly depends on the nectar source, processing and storage temperatures. So some honey will crystallize faster than others. The bees keep honey from crystallizing by keeping it warm.

Don’t store your honey in a refrigerator unless you want to encourage crystallization. Many consumers in Kenya think honey should be liquid. In most other parts of the world honey is sold in the crystallized form. It is called “creamed honey”. Generally creamed honey is treated to grow fine granules making it smooth to the tongue and is usually expensive. The honey that granulates in your refrigerator will tend to form larger granulates and feel chunky. It is still good honey but feels different.

  1. Can crystallized Honey be made liquid?

Yes, loosen the cap and stand the jar in warm water and stir if necesary.

  1. How can one know if honey is of good quality?

Good honey should be uniform in texture (unless in the process of crystallization), pleasant in taste and aroma. When the jar is tilted upside down good honey moves in one direction. Moisture content should be between 13% and 20%.

  1. What is organic Honey?

This is honey that is produced in an environment that is free from inorganic chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. Tharaka Pure Honey is entirely organic.


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