Tharaka Honey GREEN TEA

Tharaka Honey GREEN TEA is high in concentration of antioxidants. It is reputed to be helpful against high cholesterol level, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, infection and impaired immune systems and is very good in preventing cancer.


Tharaka Honey CARCADE HIBISCUS is an excellent refreshing beverage made from the petals of a beautiful tropical plant called Carcade Hibiscus. It is rich in vitamins, minerals like calcium iron and has traces of proteins and gives good energy. Carcade hibiscus has excellent therapeutic value when taken regularly.

For example, it has been shown to normalize blood pressure, raising pressure when taken hot and lowering pressure when taken cold; purify the liver and kidneys thereby boosting immunity; improve oxygen intake thus ideal for sports people; a good laxative against constipation thus relieving fatigue and stress; destroy cholesterol thickening improve milk production for breastfeeding mothers., carbohydrates and fats. Tharaka Carcade Hibiscus has a pleasant sour taste. It does not contain caffeine or nicotine.


Boil water; add one Tharaka Carcade Hibiscus tea bag per cup and infuse it for 4-5 min before removing the tea bag. Add Tharaka Pure Honey (sweetener) as desired, and take it hot or cold. DO NOT mix with milk.

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